Food galore

Since my first encounters with Lao food a month ago when I arrived, I have been introduced to a number of local delicacies. My taste buds are still struggling with the amount of chilli in some (ok, most) of the dishes, but at least I can now eat most things with moderate amounts of sweating instead of feeling like someone put up a bonfire in my mouth. Below are some shots of the type of things I’ve been eating lately…

Snapshot of a meal in a restaurant in Vientiane


Grilled white fish, often with varying degrees of muddiness

Something for the sweet tooth (or breakfast)

A month has also been long enough for me to start missing Western food (locally known as falang food). Luckily Laos’s historical links with France and Vientiane’s growing expat population mean that falang food is widely available (although much more expensive than the local grub). Funnily enough though, best pizzas in town are made by the Swedish Pizza & Bakery, which has resulted in many Lao people believing that pizza comes from Sweden. You can also get really tasty French food (souffles in particular) and freshly baked scones for breakfast (although the best place for these operates a discriminatory rationing policy in favour of its Japanese patrons). Recently I also gorged myself with mussles and my top choice for breakfast has been Aussie Weetbix with bananas. When I shared my delight of the availability of Aussie Weetbix with a friend’s Australian wife, I learned that one can even buy them in one shop in Helsinki! Mental note to future self…

Friday night mussels at Chokdee

A lot remains to be experienced on this front, but my first ventures to some of the local food markets, including today’s early morning visit to the weekly organic food market, generate rather high hopes. As soon as I get some more language skills under my belt I can take part in cooking classes, and a whole new world of food should reveal itself. Yum!


4 thoughts on “Food galore

    • Hej! The food in the city is quite safe so I’ve so far avoided all bugs – expect an update on that after my first trips to the provinces. The stories I hear are so unpleasant I may just stick to rice, eggs and bananas while in the bush… Kram fran Vientiane

    • Hey John! I didn’t even realise that about pork scratchings.. these ones are gross though so won’t be eating them too much 🙂 Last night I picked up dinner from a local night market, I recommend watching those pictures only after lunch. Will be a few days tho, it’s totally crazy with work at the moment and again I’m off to an evening function following a major workshop today. But hopefully catch up soon! x

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