With two cameras and 10gb worth memory cards it should be no problem to create a steady stream of photo uploads. However, my personal laptop decided to refuse collaboration some time ago… Luckily it has risen from the ashes after a brutal format c: command and is once again happy to store my pictures and facilitate their transfer to the wider world.

Today I learned that the internet is full of jazzy wordpress plugins that work wonders with flickr photos, but to my great disappointment they are only available for personally hosted blogs (for security reasons, naturally). Hence for the time being we will have to do with the following links that will take you to see the photos on flickr.

Hardly a surprise to anyone, the first set of photos I uploaded is on food. The second set collects some pictures from my current home town Vientiane. Other photos from recent trips to the Nam Ngum lake and Bangkok will be uploaded as soon as I have some energy to shift through them…

*update* Some shots from Bangkok are now up on flickr as well. Will need to acquire some photo editing software to reduce the size of photos from my other camera to make them fit for uploading.

2 thoughts on “Pictures!

    • thanks John! those mirrors are quite frequent here so I might just be tempted to create a collection of such pics one day…

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