f r i e n d s

I’ve been thinking a lot about friends lately. How I miss the ones far away, how much I enjoy the ones I have around me at the moment and how difficult it is to part from them all over. How much eating alone sucks.

Though sometimes you may think you are eating alone, but then you run into friends who invite you to join them for brunch. Or what happened last weekend, when I met some new people at a friends’ housewarming party and the next evening I found myself enjoying a magnificent Korean barbeque dinner in celebration of one of their birthday. These occasions make me particularly happy.

Friends have made me happy on a number of other occasions lately. All those who remembered my birthday and shared it with me both in Bangkok and in Vientiane. All the late night talks fuelled by tropical fruits and cocktails, there is nothing like sacrificing a few hours of sleep to a momentary belief that the world will be a better place somehow, some day. And those moments of crazy photo geekyness that are bound to get worse and more frequent since my recent purchase of a new (well, second-hand but new for me) lens in Bangkok. I am officially moving out of ‘auto’ mode…

‘Light is a funny thing’ I thought when shooting these flowers. Not very intelligent photo talk, I know, but we all start somewhere.

Friends can also be a wonderful source of inspiration, an inspiration seems to be a bit difficult to come by these days so I’m back to smiling at small things. I recently discovered that one of my friends writes a blog, Yalotar, where every post finishes off with two items: a thought of something else occurring ‘In the meantime’ and a ‘Song of the day’. [This may be a common phenomenon but I’ve read so few personal blogs that this is the first time I came across it.] The first one is such a great way to anchor a post into something contemporary yet passing phenomenon or event, and especially as my writings are rarely in tune with current affairs I feel I want to adopt that practice. As for the second, I will continue to find new music to listen to as I read her blog. But personally I feel much more comfortable with books than music (it’s dawned on to me that this is the way it’s always been for me), so you are likely to get a closer glimpse of my bookshelf from now on.

Whilst writing this: Sweden is gloating over its 5-0 victory over Finland in football qualifier – what is it about the Swedish that they have so quickly put behind them the fact that Finland crushed them in the ice hockey world cup final 6-1 only a few weeks earlier?

Currently reading: the new Makphet cookbook ‘From Honeybees to Pepperwood’ published by Friends International Lao. I attended the book launch last week and completely fell in love with the book, inside-out. Check out a preview of the book they put up on flickr earlier this year.


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